• JPG, GIF, PDF, PSD & PNG picture files are accepted. Please make sure the image size is at least 1000*800 pixels for full sheet orders.

• Please just email me the picture(s) at All the other ways like text, WhatsApp and FaceBook Messenger will destroy your picture quality.

• I am not responsible for Canada Post delays (severe weather/natural disasters – major snow, ice, unplowed streets, extreme heat, cold weather, tornado, hurricane, transportation delays, civil unrest or power outage). I cannot refund your order,my only suggestion is ordering early!

• Please note: Most images are protected by copyright laws. I am not liable for any copyright infringement you choose to partake in.

• Please note that edible products cannot be returned once purchased.

• Please note that I use sugar paper instead of regular paper and food coloring instead of regular ink so the output does not look like regular photo printing.

• My office is closed from Friday after 2:30 to Tuesday 11:00 am.I will reply to emails received during this time on Tuesday.